Marriage & Civil Ceremonies Celebrant

A special occasion is looming and you are stressed to the max!? The date has been set and the venue is booked.  What next?  Yep, You need a Celebrant.  I can make this part easy for you.  If we work together on the ceremony, we can reduce the stress and the rest will all fall in to place!

The Ceremony I create for you will be unique, that is my promise to you.

We need to get together and discuss the ceremony you are dreaming of.

What my clients have to say...

"Some words I would use to sum up Jan Crow’s celebrant services.. Personalized, detailed, intimate, tailor made to each and every couple, sincere, love and passion filled with her own twist and flare!! Not only is she now known as our wonderful wedding celebrant, but regarded as a dear friend. Being a Singapore girl marrying my Aussie love, we knew we had to find out the details of a marriage etc here in Perth and the requirements. Jan, who was introduced to us by family friends, turned out to be the perfect find. She stepped in from day one, to call up immigration and guide us through step by step which included printing out forms and helping us fill them out. Good thing that, as we never knew about the” intent to marry” form to be submitted at least one month before the chosen date!

Never once did we feel neglected by her or felt “out of the loop” as she made us feel included in every aspect and small detail. She even let me borrow some beautiful books on poetry, sayings and vows for some ideas to use in our ceremony. Getting married on a Sunday, no hairdressers are really open, but Jan came to the rescue and introduced me to another amazing lady, Michelle, who works from home, which saved the day!!! An example of how accommodating Jan is? She made sure she knew the color of my outfit on our day so she would make sure she wore something totally different, so as not to steal the limelight away from me!! Now that comes right from the heart if you ask me. After a few meetings and e mails, the ceremony was beautifully executed and it was a perfect day. Jan went so far as to surprise us with a beautifully put together wedding folder she had designed and done by herself, documenting our chosen dialogues and wordings for the ceremony including listing down the songs we had chosen!! Gorgeous fonts and decorations with diamantes and all. Sealed with a red tassel to match my red dress. Very, very thoughtful and amazing! Once again, she stepped in to help us even apply for our official wedding certificate, so as to speed up process so we could have the document for our visa applications. I highly recommend Jan’s personal touch and detailed services to any and everyone who wants that very important touch to their special day. A lady with a very warm heart which radiates through all her work.

Thank you Jan, for all that you are, and all that you do. Stay tuned as we might have something special for my 40th in 2 years time, and who better then you to do a vow renewal or something special with your flare !"

Lisa & Haydn